Good time monster and mayhem music!

Flaming Telepaths are a rock trio in the San Francisco Bay area creating a buzz tearing up the music of guitar gods Blue Oyster Cult .

The whole world knows the classic “Don’t Fear the Reaper” and we could all use more cowbell. With the popularity of Guitar Hero, a new generation has also been turned on to rock anthems Godzilla, Burnin’ For You, and Cities on Flame.

Flaming Telepaths plays those hits, as well as gems for dedicated fans, spanning BOC’s incredible career and including:

Don’t Fear the Reaper,
The Red and the Black,
Cities on Flame,
Burnin’ For You,
ME 262,
Buck’s Boogie,
Dominance and Submission,
Veteran of the Psychic Wars,
Revenge of Vera Gemini,
Take Me Away,
Then Came the Last Days of May,
7 Screaming Dizbusters,
The Subhuman,
I Love the Night,
Harvester of Eyes,
Perfect Water,
Career of Evil,
and – of course – Flaming Telepaths.

As a fan enthused at a show “Buck’s Boogie!! You guys are serious!!!” Unlike a run-of-the-mill cover band, the Telepaths use their musical prowess to emphasize the improvisational side of BOC, stretching out the jams and pushing the peaks, so BOC fanatics and non-fans alike are treated to a truly exciting experience in the moment. The band is equally at home at a hard rock/heavy metal show (They recently got much props from their set at the awesome 2012 “Slaughter By the Water” Metal Fest on the US Hornet aircraft carrier in Alameda) or a jamband bill.

Hardcore BOC fans and even BOC mastermind Sandy Pearlman himself have praised the Telepaths’ rendering of the BOC catalogue.

They have also received internet attention for their “alternate universe” versions, in which they reinterpret BOC songs in different styles, such as a jazz/swing “Dominance and Submission”, a latin “Cities on Flame”, and a swamp/blues “Red and the Black.”

Jeff Zittrain (guitar, vocals) currently spends his other musical time playing his original material in the popular Z-Trane Electric Band. Before that he was the primary songwriter and lead guitarist of power trio Famous Last Words, releasing two critically acclaimed albums garnering an All Music Guide 4 Stars, a CD Baby Editors Pick, a song on NBC TV, and features and reviews in magazines across the country.

Rob Rothfarb (bass, vocals) played bass in rock and jam bands in Florida for several years before moving to California and laying down the bottom end most recently for the Bay Area jam band, The American Economy.

Sam Zabor is an East Bay native with eclectic musical interests that range from Chick Corea to Rush to Depeche Mode. His style is a mixture of classic and progressive rock fused with a healthy dose of jazz subtleties. In addition to Rush, rock influences include Yes, Chicago, ELP, Genesis and King Crimson. From the jazz side of the equation, the brilliant and innovative cymbal textures of Roy Haynes, the masterful virtuosity of Steve Gadd and the sheer insanity of Dave Weckl have inspired Sam’s playing, though he admits to needing a few more decades of practice to actually get it right! Sam has played with Radient Heat, the Astro Jazz Quartet, the UCR jazz combo and big bands (at the Monteaux Jazz Festival), AfterImage, and Scubacat.

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